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Candy West is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Convergence Worship Center in Huntsville, AL. Growing up in Dallas, Pastor Candy West was born into a musical household with three siblings which birthed her music career. Today, she is a gospel recording artist with more than 20 years in the music industry plus over 50 albums with her vocal imprint across the globe. Pastor Candy has moved on to record, perform, tour, and co-write with artists within and beyond several genre’s before accepting her call to Pastor in 2021. The ministry of Pastor Candy West is in high demand after the release of her powerful book entitled, “Work the Wait!” This book gives instruction on how to be productive while waiting on the promises of God. In addition to that, Pastor Candy West is an educated and certified life-coach, national recording artist, and brilliant facilitator. Pastor Candy West continues to embrace the legacy designed for her life while leaving a life-changing impact wherever she goes as she emerges into a Pastor and multi-hyphenated business woman.
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